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Jiangsu Golden Gate Energy & Equipment Co., Ltd (the original Zhenjiang Golden Gate Industry Co., Ltd), found in December 1992, is settled at the southern suburb of Nanjing, which is the second largest city in east China, the third largest city in Chinese science and education and capital of six ancient dynasties. The company is close to Nanjing Hangzhou Expressway, 12 km away from Nanjing Lukou Airport and 30 km away from Nanjing South High-speed Railway Station. The superior geographic position offers extremely convenient transportation by air, by water and on road. It possesses RMB 280 million registered capital and fixed assets worth over RMB 450 million. The plant occupies an area of 160000 square meters. There are 260 staff in total, in which, the intermediate engineers account for 25%, including 3 senior engineers of professional level, 12 senior engineers. The company introduces overseas advanced equipments, technologies and management philosophy, integrating R & D, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, specializing in manufacturing three phase separator skid, electrical dehydrator and desalter package, crude oil vacuum heating boiler, DC electric refining equipment, lubricating oil denitrification refining equipment, oily wastewater treatment plant, oil & gas recovery equipment, various skid-mounted equipment like automatic dosing system, classification I, II, III pressure vessel and boiler. The company holds A1 & A2 pressure vessel design and manufacture license issued by AQSIQ and U, U2 and S certificates authorized by ASME. The products made by our company are fixed-point productions to SINOPEC, CNPC (China National Petroleum Cooperation) and CNOOC and recommended by them to this field. Some products have been exported. The company has accumulated powerful technical strength and become one of the most specialized manufacturer in China.
Our company has set up a complete and efficient quality assurance system according to ISO9001 standard and developed strict quality control and testing tools. We got ISO9002 Quality Certification System in 1997, and UKAS certificate in 1998.In 2004, we got Norway Classification Society ISO9001 Quality Certification System. Our company is a qualified enterprise by national metrology authentication and also the contract-observing & trust-worthy company in Zhenjiang, China. Since 1998, we have been evaluated to be the AAA Class enterprise by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhenjiang Branch over the years.
With innovation-oriented technicians and engineers with expertise, our company was the earliest Chinese manufacture in the R & D field of electrical desalination technology. The experts granted National Award for Achievements in Science and Technology for their contribution to the development of electrical desalination technology are making research in our company. This company has established satisfactory cooperative relationship with the organizations, such as China Petrochemical Scientific Research Institute, Black Oil Research Institute of China University of Petroleum, Chemical Engineering School of East China University of Science & Technology, SEI and LPEC etc, developed AC-DC desalting technology, heavy viscous crude oil deep desalting technology (the salt content in desalted crude oil: Na+K0.7ppm) and dual-feed & dual electric field desalting technology in succession, among which the 12 technologies including the crude oil deep desalting & dehydrating technology, dual-feed & dual electric field desalting and dehydrating technology etc. obtained the patent right granted by China Bureau of National Patents.
In October 1996, our company, in cooperation with SINOPEC Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Co, developed the first set of AC & DC electrical desalination equipment, with an individual annual treatment capacity of 7 million tons, which was put into operation in Sino-France Dalian West-pacific Petrochemical Co., Ltd. The equipment was successfully put into operation at one stroke; the salt content of the desalted crude oil was under2mg/L, and the water content of the dehydrated crude oil is less than 0.1%; All of the indices came up to technical criteria. Since then, it has brought about experiences for large-scale electrical desalting in our country, and developed the electrical desalting and dehydrating technology to a new phase.
In 2001, the heavy viscous crude oil static deep desalting & dehydrating complete set of equipments developed by our company was successfully matched with the 9E combustion engine made in G.E.C. and V96.1 combustion engine made in Siemens. The specific gravity of the processed heavy viscous crude oil was about 0.96g/cm3 and the viscosity at 50 was 180cst then. In order to follow the technical requirements of G.E.C. and Siemens, after treatment, Na+K in heavy viscous crude oil must be less than 1ppmand the content of water must be less than 0.3%. Soon after the first set of the equipments in our country made by our company was put into operation through 36h commissioning, the oil product up to standard was turned out, among which the water content vestige was Na+k 0.5ppm.The entire oil products processed in the past 7 years have been measured up standard, and safe, stable and failure-free operation has lasted for over 7 years. Since June 2003, our company has triumphed over numerous competitors with our technologies in international bidding, and has already provided 18 sets of heavy viscous crude oil static deep desalting & dehydrating complete set of equipments to users up to now. All of the equipments supplied were delivered on schedule and put into normal operation.
As the oil resource shortage intensifying and exploiting efforts strengthening, crude oil, both indoor and outdoor, tends to be heavy in weight and poor in quality. Original AC, AC-DC and high-speed electric desalting technology cannot meet the need of heavy & poor oil and upsizing equipment. Since June, 2002, our company has cooperated with departments like East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), on the development of dual-feed dual electric-field dewatering technology. After eight years repeat test and improvement, this new technology embraces a great success. This technology overcomes the defects of the traditional ones, it's smaller in size, economy in investment, saving more land, and better in performance. It's not only good in light oil treatment, but also more suitable for processing heavy oil, especially fit for application in HFO large size plant. Even processing heavy oil with a density of 0.9861g/cm3, after treatment, the salt content keeps below 3ml/L. This technology has applied to PDVSA MPE-3 project, Sinopec?Qilu?Branch, CNPC Dagang Branch, Sino-Chemical?Chang Yi?Petro-Chemical?Company, Sino-Chemical Zheng He?Petro-Chemical?Company, Liaoning Panjin?Northern?Asphalt?Company, Shandong Ken Li Petro-Chemical?Company, Shan Dong Qi Wang Da Petro-Chemical?Company, Shandong Heng Yuan Petro-Chemical?Company, Weifang Hong Run Petro-Chemical?Company, Shandong Jing Bo Petro-Chemical?Company, Wu La Te Zhong Qi Petro-Chemical?Company, Zhongjie Petro-Chemical?Company, Hebei Xinquan Coking Company, Shen Zhen Fu Hua De Electric Power Company and Shen Zhen Energy Hui Zhou Electric Power Company. This technology has five national technical patents. Two of them are patents for invention. After checking by Jiangsu new technology advising center, of the national first level new technology checking and advising departments, the technology is proved as "unique both home and abroad", with fully independent intellectual property and has reached advanced international standards.
On September 18, 2010, the dual-feed and dual electric-field technology and equipment were evaluated by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association , Jiangsu Province Economic and Information Technology Commission and Jiangsu Science and Technology Department. The appraising meeting has a common idea that this equipment is with intellectual property rights, the first produced in the country, and up to an international advanced level. Thus, they suggested to spreading the application in the whole country. In the year of 2013, the technology gained the second award of scientific and technological progress authorized by Jiangsu Province Machinery Industry Association and another second award of scientific and technological progress authorized by Shanghai Government.
This company is possessed of Technology R & D Center and Electrical Desalting & Dehydrating Lab, which are equipped with AC and AC-DC desalting & dehydrating simulation test equipments and dual-feed & dual-electrical field desalting and dehydrating simulation test equipments. These equipments are specially used for simulation experiments of operating conditions of various electrical desalting and dehydrating installations, so as to provide all manner of technical parameters for optimization of technological conditions. The experiments are high in accurate rate and useful in guidance. The lab is also outfitted with dynamic and static demulsifying agent selector and specialized in selection and re-prescription of the demulsifying agents. None other than relying on powerful support of soft technology of our company has guaranteed that each set of equipments provided to our customers has achieved satisfactory effects in application.
This company is possessed of a specialized equipment installation and commissioning team, which is rich of experiences, exquisite in technique and outstanding in working style, as well as able to provide services of installation, commissioning and start-up etc of complete set of equipments. In the operational process of the complete set of equipments, our company takes charge to provide technical services for our customers in the lifetime of the equipments for free. Our service crews could arrive at the working site within 48 hours on receipt of domestic user's notification and offer satisfactory services. Our company has supplied over 1500 sets of complete sets of equipments including three phase separator skid, AC & DC crude oil electrostatic desalting & dehydrating skid, duel feed & duel electric field HFO dehydrating and desalting equipment, DC electric refine equipments, lubricant denitrifying refine equipments, oily water treatment equipments and automatic dosing system etc. Moreover, products made by Golden Gate have been exported to Kazakhstan, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Chile, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Bengal, Niger, Venezuela etc.